Shopify Design ( E-commence)

Incuded 6 main tabs for website e.g Home ,Shop,About FAQ etc. Under each main tab sub tab can we created. Example: Under shop main tab cilent can list multiple categories  such as wigs, bundle ,lashes,lip gloss etc,and this will make your website eaiser to navigate.
Turnaround time

Turn around time is 14-21 business day from date order from  was received.
Before desining can begin

	Client most provide all resources needed such as:
	Colour Scheme 
	Account login for hosting site 
	Model pictures (We provide model photos for an additional cost of $50) 
	Solgans or saying  ( if any)

All information must be emailed under one email
Inventory Input is not included. 

Nevertheless, let us help ! We offer inventory input sercvies ,cost depends on if your'e selling  hair items (which require specific technique) ,or if  your poduct or regular inventory such as shoes ,clothes etc
	Hair Inventory Input: $30 per 5items and $8 per item
	All other product: $15 per 5items and $5 per item (To requries this service send the number of items need to input)

Shopify Design (E-Commence)